Haley Farber

I'm a data scientist with skills in Python, R, SQL, and Tableau.

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White Blood Cell Classifier

Utilizing Deep Learning to to aid in AML diagnosis and research

Twitter Bot Detection

Utilizing BERT and DistilBERT to Classify Tweets

Classifying Article Topics

Logistic Regression, KNN, Count Vectorizer and TFIDF Vectorizer, Multinomial NB

Classifying Poisonous Mushrooms

PCA, Gaussian Mixture Models

Lyft Bay Wheels Project

Big Analytics Using Google BigQuery: Help Discover Business Insights for Lyft Bay Wheels

Assessment Services

Lambda Architecture Using Spark and HDFS

Tracking Game Events

Streaming Data Analytics Using Spark and HDFS, Apache Bench

ANES: Studying US Voters

Hypothesis Tests/Comparing Means, Analysis in R

Regression to Study the Spread of Covid-19

OLS Regressions on Stay at Home Orders, Analysis in R

Effect of Plus-Size Models on Intent to Purchase Clothing

Experiment with Survey, Analyis in R

Online News Popularity: Predicting Number of Views of Online Articles, Forbes Case Study

Linear Regression,Ridge Regression, RANSAC, Feature Engineering, Web Scraping